Friday, May 2, 2008

Dark Hand and Lamplight

So last night me and JJ had the delightful pleasure of witnessing a performance by the duo of Shary Boyle and Doug Paisley, AKA Dark Hand and Lamplight.  Our advocating of the work of Boyle began more than two years ago, when me and JJ attended one of the fabled Kramers Ergot nights at the Hammer Museum, on the occasion of the Masters of American Comics Show, back in the day.  A handful of people that night had their minds blown and their faces melted by the cosmic shenanigans of Shary's live overhead projector animations set to music, concluding with a dance performance incorporating a mirrored bodysuit turning her into a living disco ball.  Never have me and JJ looked at each other in stunned disbelief so many times at an art event.  Afterwards we approached the event organizer, Sammy Harkham, in speechless disbelief, as he simply replied to the looks on our faces with, "Her name is SHARY BOYLE...we got books on sale over there."

Courtesy of Harkham and his fantastic Family store across the street, he brought Boyle and her new partner in amazingness, Doug Paisley, to the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax last night.  She has traded in the psychedelic freakout vibe for a new folky, americana tip with the addition of Paisley, which has made for an interesting evolution.  Her live animations now accompany the Townes Van Zandt-esque crooning of Paisley's songs, who's haunting lyrics and delivery could have held the audience alone.  With Boyle the parts now add up to a whole that culminates in one of the more unique and memorable experiences this viewer has ever had in regards to performance, music, and art.  

Boyle's other art endeavors would put her into my A-list category even without the performances. Her drawings andsculpture are rife with bizarre sexual imagery that seems as if it was imagined by the shared dreams of pixies, nymphs, and fawns.  She is featured in the last Kramers Ergot book, and JJ is now the proud owner of two of her monographs, as she was more than happy to sell one to us last night.  The performance epilogue featured a reception out back with free beer (which officially made it an art opening) and we took the opportunity to chat up Shary and Doug, specifically about LA, and how much it offers for artists and art fans in terms of its variety and access.  

Dark Hand and Lamplight will be performing again this Wednesday at the Hammer Museum.  She said this performance will feature a more elaborate setup than last nights.  I'll be there.  You should be too.



Anonymous said...

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ingenue said...

happy birthday again!

so is this show free?

Jason Ramos said...

oui, ingenue. they may pop you for parking, but the event is indeed free