Monday, December 8, 2008

Fucked Up Hurricane

Did you catch "Caribbean Pirates" by Paul and Damon McCarthy at the REDCAT a few weeks ago?  

To repeat what I said on Facebook -- CRAZYPANTSAPESHITBADASS

A while back when I saw some footage of his pirate madness, I wondered how the hell he was going to package it for presentation, as it seemed like a lot of activity, a lot of madness, a lot of mess.  But there was something grand there, something epic.  And our boy PM and son figured it out.  I have never seen a better presentation for so much rampant chaos then what was delivered that night.  Me and my friend sat surrounded by 11 different overhead screens projecting over 90 minutes of chocolate syrup, asses, condiments, groping, screaming, breasts, fake noses, power sawing, prosthetic limbs, fake blood, green screening, nudity, and more yelling.  We were in the eye of a fucked up hurricane, and then, one by one, the screens went blank and the lights went up, and those left (mostly everyone) sounded their whole hearted approval, myself included.

I managed to shake the proud poppa's hand on the way out.  He seemed happy.  Good times.

Aside from that, I now give you the Junior Eurovison 2008 winners, Bzzz Bzikebi, from the Republic of Georgia: